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Yes, the seller is safe to deal with. I’m glad I went with a tall, tanned doll. And I’m glad I went with detachable wig. I did have previous experience, so I recommend people reading this pay attention. UPS did a good job delivering and I got notification and immediately left my job and drove to the house to bring my beautiful work of art into my safe, secure home. I’m very very happy with this product and this company. When God can’t make the perfect woman for you, they Can!! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, I trust this vendor. Pleasant experience. It takes a bit of time to have a bespoke doll made. Regular updates and tips helped to pass the time. Dig into the website, there is a lot of useful information for the first time buyer. Oh! And the doll is awesome too. Amazing! Excellent product! Very happy with the end product, price was good! Quality service provided by many of the cs team with constant updates, numerous customization options available, highly recommended to anyone interested.

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Yes, thumb up to the customer service. Pleasure doing Business with the seller. Very quick response times and very helpful staff. Shipping was surprisingly fast. The doll is my favorite so far! Amazing quality and realism!! I do have to say, like what the seller said, having a heavy doll can be difficult if you want to move her. I personally don’t have to and she is just on my bed all the time. It’s not a big problem for me so far. I enjoy everything about the doll!